Lumimate 300A

Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Make CLIA Technology More Accessible

Product instruction

Luminmate 300A is a fully-automated chemiluminescence immunoassay system, adopting the advance magnetic particle-based CLIA technology with stable ALP-AMPPD principle. It is highly compact and has optimized features like built-in large touch screen, random loading of reaction vessels etc.

Performance and features

  • 01


    Fast detection

    Throughput up to 120 t/h

  • 02


    Flexible test

    Random access of test items

  • 03


    Compact and bench-top

    Built-in 15.6-inch large touchscreen

  • 04


    Stable and accurate

    Advanced CLIA technology

Comprehensive test menu

Specs: 1×50 Tests/kit, 1×100 Tests/kit; 2×50 Tests/kit, 2×100 Tests/kit.