CLIA-mate 1200

Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Make CLIA Technology More Accessible

Product instruction

CLIA-mate 1200 combines the accuracy of magnetic separation technology with the efficiency and stability of ALP-AMPPD reaction system. All-in-one design of reagent cartridge and comprehensive test panels.

Performance and features

  • 01


    Fast detection

    6x2 channels parallel detection, first result is available in 15 minutes

  • 02


    Flexible testing

    Add samples directly, on-demand test, free combination of test items

  • 03


    Easy operate

    Humanized UI design, intuitive and convenient operation

  • 04


    Stable and accurate

    Advanced ALP-AMDDP reaction system, test results can meet the clinical needs

Comprehensive test menu

Test items conclude Cardiac Markers, Inflammation, Fertility, etc., and the upcoming items are continuously updated to meet more clinical needs.