C 900

Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Make CLIA Technology More Accessible

Product instruction

C 900 uses advanced magnetic particles and enzymatic chemiluminescence principle,with automatic sampling system and easy operation. Various sample types meet more clinical requirements.

Performance and features

  • 01


    Fast detection

    9 channels parallel detection,first result is available in 15 min

  • 02


    Flexible test

    Automatic sampling system,multiple items can be tested together

  • 03


    Easy operation

    Colour touch screen,Built-in thermal printer

  • 04


    Various sample type

    Whole blood,plasma,serum,fingertip blood

  • 05


    Stable and accurate

    Precise temperature control, advanced magnetic separation, stable ALP-AMPPD reaction system

Comprehensive test menu

Test menu of C 900 conclude Cardiac Markers,Inflammation,Fertility,Thyroid and so on,the follow-up items are continuously updated to meet more clinical needs.