Automatic Whole

Blood Component Separator

Comprehensive replacement for manual blood separation

Product introduction

Aisep 100 whole blood component separator is an efficient automatic, fully replace manual blood separation, has standardized and the standardized operation process, can deal with all kinds of blood bags, can be used for the separation of a variety of blood components. Automation, network, security management, can be widely used in different stations and scientific research institutions, etc

Performances and features

  • 01


    High precision

    high precision optical sensor, accurate detection of blood components

  • 02


    High efficiency

    comprehensive replacement of manual, synchronous separation of double blood bags

  • 03


    High performance

    automatic extrusion and flow control, extrusion mode customization

  • 04


    Humanized design

    real-time monitoring of liquid flow, multi-function thermal sealing head clever positioning

  • 05


    Chinese software

    Multi-computer joint control, separation process and results real-time record, fully connected to the laboratory management system