Aigel 50

Automatic Blood Grouping Analyzer

An intelligent and effcient platform for blood grouping

Product instruction

Aigel 50 Automated Blood Grouping Analyzer is an intelligent and efhcient platform for blood grouping. Based on the advanced microcolumn gel immunoassay technology, Aigel 50 and the gel cards offer clear andreliable results with a high sensitivity of low levels of antigens and antibodies.

Performance and features

  • 01


    Operation System

    Intelligent scheduling of samples, reagents and test cards, STAT function for emergency samples.

  • 02


    High-Quality & Automated Blood Group Testing

    Sample addition, Reagent addition, Incubation, Centrifugation, Result Interpretation.

  • 03


    Stable and accurate

    Gel card method, Incase of manual mistake

Matched gel cards